October 24, 2011

Mustache Monday: Coin Purses and Wallets Edition

Don't you hate the feeling when you comb through the entire house for your wallet and come up empty handed only to realize you left it in the trunk. Well maybe it isn't you but the wallet. So here are ten mighty mustaches wallets and coin purses that I know can never get lost or misplaced.
First up is this mighty stache at Fred Flare. I saw it and thought what better way to keep your coins, business cards, buttons, and random things than in a neatly combed mustache. Plus it's from loungefly and who doesn't love them.

2-3. Even Hello Kitty 's mustaches and these two purrfect items are available at Ami Clubwear.

4. I just had to add in a purse. I love the simplicity of this vintage bag and bright yellow silkscreen handlebar mustache from Stuff You'll Love on Esty.

5-6. Oh Toddland thanks for rocking the mustache and not forgetting the men especially since they are the ones who grow mustaches. These stylish wallets can be found at Newbury-Comics on Amazon and Fredflare.

7. Good thing there are such stylish things as clutches featuring the Dali Mustache because this one from Creations by Ingrid on Esty clutches my heart.

8-9. And then there was the Mexican Mustache, literally. Food never looked so cute. You can order yours at Kaboodle and Catalicious Creations on Etsy.

10. And lastly this swanky mustache wallet from thatsrad that has it all from handlebars to the toothbrush. Talk about love.

Happy staching and keep it neat and trimmed. With love, Rozy

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