October 31, 2011

Mustache Monday: Halloween Edition

What a day, Mustache Monday and Halloween. So in light of my two favorite combinations, here are my top seven mustache costume ideas.
First up is my ultimate favorite and up and coming future costume... the Bearded Lady. When I think of the Bearded Lady I think of a boudoir beauty with a beard, but in case the mustache and beard may scare you then you can buy the featured Bearded Lady Doll at Etsy.
2. The rugged Lumberjack or Lumberjill, if you may, costume. The greatest part of this costume is you may already have all the essentials on hand. Oh yes just don't forget your trusty axe to cut down all that lumber just like the costume featured on Oh Happy Day.
3. The Swashbuckling Pirate costume me hearties. This particular costume brings a smile to my face and a beat to my heart, especially because the pirate featured is my niece. I love how she proves that not only boys can be pirates.
4. This costume may land you a speeding ticket for trying to get away from all the girls that will be chasing you down the street due to it. But then again your a detective so you can get out it. The Beastie Boys pretty much nailed the costume on their Sabotage album and yes it was because the stache.
5. I think all little boys should sport mustaches especially if they plan on being the Super Mario Bros for Halloween. Plus all you need is some overalls, a baseball cap, colored t-shirt and a little creativity like the mother of these two adorable boys had over at Instructables.
6. The tough cowboy circa Pancho Villa era is the man's man costume that even little boys look great in.
7. Drum Roll Please... A Mustache!!! I think thes Mustache Sisters did justice to the Mustache Costume from head to toe.

I mustache leave you but I hate to comb. Love and curls, Rozy 

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