June 29, 2010

A Refreshing Coca Cola Wedding Reception

Here are a few whimsical photos from the wedding reception of Mr. and Mrs. Hector Ramirez. The theme of the day revolved around the brides favorite drink coca cola and the fact that love is neverending because after twenty years together the bride and groom were still in love and finally married.
The intimate wedding reception was held in the backyard of the couples eldest son in Reseda, California for 50 of the brides and grooms closest family and friends.

It was a sweet memory that I was honored to decorate for. Their wedding was my second official wedding semi-planner job and even with a budget of only $200 it still sparkled.

The picture to the right was my ultimate favorite of the day well because who doesn't love little boys and it seemed to capture a quarrel between whose vest was better. I think weddings are so magical. 
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