May 26, 2014

Designing it Moday: Teacher's Rule Planter

I think we don't show enough appreciation for Teachers especially since they are a big part of shaping our children's future. Plus they are the most devoted and patient people I know, well at least in Arizona they were. So with school coming to an end, I thought why not design a gift from the heart for your child's Teacher.

First gather your supplies: clay pot; black, yellow, and white acrylic paint; one fine tip sharpie marker in black; measuring tape; a white crayon or colored pencil; ModPodge and some lovely flowers.

Let's Create:

Step 1. Paint the base of your clay pot black and the lip of it yellow. I used a foam paint brush to paint mine. You can even get creative and use your child's teacher's favorite colors instead of the traditional black and yellow school colors. Remember creativity is your best friend.

Step 2. Grab your measuring tape and wrap it around the bottom lip of your clay pot (as shown) and secure with tape. Step 3. Next you will need that fine tip sharpie marker or you can be brave and hand paint it. I used the marker so I can careful draw on all the lines just like a real ruler.

Step 4. For the next step you can use paint or a crayon. I found it easier to freehand the writing in crayon and then touch it up with paint. Voila you have the perfect chalkboard font. Step 5. Now you just need to find and plant that perfect plant for your child's teacher. I used ones I found from my local Home Depot.

This project would also be great as a gift for graduation or for your child's last/first day of school. Hope you are inspired enough to create your own. Sincerely, Rozy 

May 16, 2014

I'm still here

It's been quite a year for me and it is only mid May. I've been on hiatus from the internet and all social media networking because I moved back to California in February. It was a sad break up with Arizona, but it may only be temporary (that is unless my husband or I get a dream job). Until then here are the top five things I miss about Arizona summers:

The Pool. In the last decade of my life I have lived with a pool and no not because I am rich, but because all apartments have them. So to live the summer without one is truly a tragedy. Long gone are the days of floating in the pool while listening to my iTunes, swimming to the edge of the pool to take a sip of beer, sunbathing with a beloved book, just because night swims, workout cool downs, and after work foot soaks.

99¢ Draft Beers. Yes, it is true Arizona still has Happy Hour or as most in the San Fernando Valley now call it "Bartender's Special." I use to think living in a college state didn't have it's perks that is until I went to my first bar (right across the street from my former apartment) and discovered that alcohol is really cheap in Arizona. The best deal in town was at a pizza joint, which also happened to be right across the street from my former apartment, with all the 99¢ draft beers you could drink and free pizza you could eat from 3pm - 6pm. It was a bar i held dear in my heart and miss every time I buy a $3 "Bartender's Special" draft beer.

Central Air Conditioning. I know, it's 2014 and everywhere has central air conditioning not only Arizona. But the fact of the matter is if you're an average Mexican-American then the home you own may not be equipped with it. In my case, my mother's house falls under that category. So whoever invented window coolers you are my new hero, sorry Spiderman.

The Library. How could I miss a building? Well simple. The libraries in Arizona were nothing compared to the ones in the San Fernando Valley. You could literally spend the whole day there with your family. There was free WiFi without a library card sign in, free use of computers for both the kids and adults, a real kids area accompanied with several play areas, and stages for both live kids (puppets shows, magic shows, movies, and diy crafts) and adults entertainment (live bands, movies, poetry readings, and special guests). It made me want to become a librarian.

Free Water. In Arizona it is illegal to deny anyone water. So you can walk in anywhere and ask for a cup of water even if you aren't a customer. In fact, the staff at our old apartment would even provide us with free water tokens to fill up a gallon of water. Life of luxury I tell you.

Keep cool and if you know of any good Happy Hours, let me know. Sincerely, Rozy 

February 22, 2013

Let's Talk about Babies

 photo baby_zpsffe0beba.jpg

I never wanted a baby until I saw this little guy. Cuteness aside, the reason I have baby on the brain is because my youngest cousin just had her baby. It was a girl named Zoe. So adorable.

Her due date was actually on Valentine's Day, but baby Zoe wanted her parents to spend their last Valentine's together not being parents so she came out five days late. I hate that I had to meet her via text, but I guess it is better than nothing.

Which got me thinking about her mother, my aunt, who threw my cousin a small baby shower and forgot to mention it to me {because I live in Arizona now}. If I was there, though, it would of been fun especially since I was apart of the couple's wedding, which you can read about and see here. I would of definately helped with the planning or at least the games.

So here are my top twelve games, that aren't ackward at all, to play at a coed baby shower:
Supplies Needed: Sticker name tags for each guest and a piggy bank (for baby). How to Play: Before the baby shower, make name tags for the guests. Here's the catch, the names have to be baby-related like Pacifer, Dirty Diaper, Burp Rag, you get the idea. Put all the names in a bag and as the guest arrive, each will draw a name from the bag and stick it on their shirts. This will be their name for the entire baby shower. If anyone calls the guest by their REAL name, then they have to put a quarter or any loose change into the baby's piggy bank. By the end of the party the baby will be loaded.
Supplies Needed: Pacifier Necklace for each guest. How to Play: As each guests arrives, hand them a pacifier necklace to wear. If one guest hears another say the word "baby" then they take their necklace. Whoever has the most necklaces at the end wins.
Supplies Needed: A pre-made list of various items that can be found in a purse or wallet plus some unusual  items for laughs. Like the invitation to the shower, any form of birth control, a grocery receipt with toilet paper... just be creative and watch guests go crazy empting out their personals for all to see. I found a free pre-made list of the game here from Fresh Linen. How to Play: This game should be played in teams since men don't usually carry much in their wallets. The team who finds the most items within 10 minutes wins.
Supplies Needed: An inexpensive roll of toilet paper. How to Play: Pass the roll of toilet paper around the room and ask guests to take as little or as much as they want. Once everyone has their share, announce that for every square of toilet paper they have they must share one piece of baby advice or parent anecdotes- which is a fancy word for story.
Supplies Needed: Six diapers or however many you would like to use, numbered paper and pen for each guest and some smelly things, such as orange juice, vapor rub,  hot sauce, cinnamon, etc. How to Play: Prior to the day of the baby shower fill each diaper with a scent of choice. Each diaper should smell different. Have each guest smell each diaper and write down their guess. Whoever guesses the most stinky diapers wins.
Supplies Needed: A quarter for each guest, masking tape, and some glass jars or bowls. I am saving up on pickle jars to use for the game. How to Play: Everyone knows pregnant women are always running to the bathroom, this game lets us laugh about it. Group participants into teams and give each of them a quarter. Place a tape strip at the starting line on the floor. Have teams line up behind the starting line and place glass jars across the room from the team. The participants then place the quarter between their legs and waddle to the jar. They must drop the quarter in the jar "tinkle in the potty" with NO HANDS. If a person misses or drops their quarter they have to start over. The first team to make all their potty runs wins the game.
Supplies Needed: Hallowed Eggs, Confetti, and some pictures of Babies (optional). Preparation: This game needs to be prepared in advance since it calls for confetti eggs. You can also use water ballons. There is a great confetti egg tutorial on Oh Happy Day in case you have no idea how to make them. How to Play: Have your guests pair up in teams of two and give each team one confetti egg. Each team will toss their egg, adorned with a happy baby face, back and forth. The last team who doesn't drop their precious egg wins.
Supplies Needed: A long piece of yarn and some clothespins. How to Play: My mother is a pro at this game so I had to include it. First pick a designated spot to hang up the clothespin line. You can even get a couple of volunteers to hold up the line if their arms don't get to wary. Place all the clothespins on the yarn. Whoever can take off the most clothespins with one hand and without dropping any wins.
Supplies Needed: Pre-made bingo cards and pens for each guest. To make things easier, you can use this template for your bingo cards. How to Play: Just before the to-be-parents are about to open the gifts, pass each guests a bingo card. As the gifts are opened the guests will cross off each item the parents have received. The first to have blackout and call out bingo wins.
Supplies Needed: Paper and pen for each guest. How to Play: I never heard of this game until recently but I think it may be my favorite since it allows your guests to get to know each other. Pass out the writing utensils and scratch paper to your guests and have them write something about themselves that no one really knows. Then have the mother-to-be or the host read them aloud while everyone shouts out who they think it belongs to. It is hilarious to find out who can't ride a bike, who's nickname is the "Last Shamurai", or who peed in their pants when they weren't a baby. I'm not saying names but you see how hilarious this game can be.
Supplies Needed: A few inexpensive baby bottles and some tasty liquid to fill them. How to Play: Since every baby shower needs a little action, this is the right game for it. All you need to do is fill those baby bottles with a drink of choice (be it wine, beer, mixed drink) and let the fun begin. You can even let each guest choose their poison to put in the bottles. Once each guest has their bottle then on your marks, get set and suck away just like a baby would. The first to finish is the winner. The men at the shower will love this game.
Supplies Needed: Pen and paper and a basket, bag, or jar. How to Play: I thought this was a cute idea to help the expecting parents out even more. On the invitations simple add bring a pack of diapers and you'll be entered into a drawing for a special gift. When guests arrive with the diapers, simply put their name on some paper and place it in a drawstring bag. At the end of the shower have the to-be-parents picked out a name and announce the raffle winner.

A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank accounts smaller, homes happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.

If you can think of any other fun games, please feel free to share. Have fun and you can even make trophies for all the winners like Oh Meaghan did. Sincerely, Rozy

Baby Picture Source: Pinterest, Baby Icons Source: Irina Kerasoshvili

February 4, 2013

Designing it Monday: diy Confetti

Hello there. I absolutely love confetti, it just makes me want to throw a party. Fortunately for us, Valentine's Day is just around th corner. And I don't think nothing screams love and romance as confetti.

Let's Create: All you need for this project is some paint chips (try Home Depot or Walmart), a hole puncher, and some glitter.
Begin by choosing the colors for your confetti, in my case was black, white, and silver. Then start the tedious process of hole punching every spot on your paint chip. You can also use hole punches with fun shapes like hearts. Lastly add some glitter to ensure all the confetti will get in everyone's hair.

Have fun and celebrate all the funfetti in your life. Sincerely, Rozy

January 5, 2013

2013 Unresolutions

 photo tumblr_lx2thmsPJX1qan7xfo1_500_zps9376da32.png
Arizona has made me a sentimental person, but it has also made me lost. When I moved here, I had the chance to not only reinvent myself, but also my life. Sadly two years later, I have not taken advantage of this. With the new year upon us, I am barely realizing this as it is a time to reflect on the past year, be grateful for all the good things, and learn from the bad ones. So here's to a new year filled with uncertainty, ups and downs, and making it what you what it to be.

In case you are into resolutions, remember they are mean't to be broken, so here are some unresolutions to try in two thousand lucky 13:

1) Indulge a little. It is so simple to get caught up in the day-to-day insanity of life and even easier to let it all bother you. So why not stop sweating the small stuff, relax a little, and indulge in some positivity.

Easier said then done huh? I know this is especially true for me as I tend to be a little of a control freak. So instead of rushing to do everything, like comb Searra's hair I should let her father vask in some father-daughter time, or focusing on the negative things I should be grateful for all the positive ones. So go forth and indulge in some positivity and don't be afraid to share some with others.
2) Cancel that gym membership. I've never been one for gym, but that doesn't mean I like being unhealthy and unfit. It just means I don't want to prance around a gym or feel ackward working out next to a super fit person or worse being gawked at by one.

So instead of the gym why not try other activities to keep you fit like going for a walk or hike with your significant other, running around with the kids, or working out at home. I know there are many distractions when you workout at home but once you start, even if it is a slow start, you will feel more determined and focused to work at your own pace. After all, "success isn't the opposite of failure. A runner may come in last, but if he beats his record, he succeeds" - Anonymous. Plus with social media sites like Facebook or Pinterest you will have a ton of support to help you along the way and some extra dough in your pockets for perhaps a new wardrobe.

3) Spend less time with your {step} kids. Since Mr. Martinez and I stopped going to the monthly PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) meetings, it seems we, or rather I, stopped volunteering at the school all together. I am not saying I want to become one of those Martha Stewart moms, but I do want to show my support to the school other than flashing school supplies and money in their faces.

So why not take some time away from the kids and volunteer for something you support like education for instance. Plus your kids will get excited to see you helping out at their school and not to mention engage them to be more involved in school.

4) Cheat on your television. Yes I said cheat. We are all guilty of indulging in front of the television and calling it quality family time. I just think it's time we set our eye on something more tasteful like a book.

The library and I use to best of friends and we use to visit each other at least once a week that is until I met cable in October. I even went out and bought a new 42" television to watch it from. I miss the days when I use to choose whatever book I wanted to read instead of settling on watching shows like SpongeBob or boxing.

5) Drink More. I am not in any way implying for you to become an alcoholic, but rather for you to get out more and see what your community and city has to offer. And sure you can do this without alcohol, but when there are so many local breweries, especially in Arizona, why would you not take advantage of them. I was sold on events like Birds and Beer and PBR Bowling.

Hope you all have a happy New Year's and break some resolutions. Sincerely, Rozy
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