May 21, 2012

Designing it Monday: Sugar Skull Planter

I absolutely love succulents and living in Arizona has shown me that plants are definately the way to go especially if they are as adorable as succulents. Unfortunately for me I bought and planted one, went to California for the weekend, overwatered it and it sadly died. I know, how can anyone kill a succulent?

The next day I looked up how to care for succulents and bought a new plant. I was determined to have a healthy succulent plant in my home. So I though what better way to inspire me to be even more diligent in taking care of the plant than skulls and succulents.

Here is how I started my sugar skull planter project... Gather your supplies of one terra cotta planter; craft paints in white, black, and accent colors of choice; some small paint brushes; a sponge brush; a black fine tip marker; and your lovely succulent plant.
1. Use your sponge brush and paint the outside of your terra cotta planter white. I added some water to the paint to achieve a washed out look. Let it dry. 2. Draw on your skull face, which is a basically two oval circles for the eyes, an upside down heart for the nose and mini ovals with a line for the mouth. As for adding any designs, like I did, we will get into those details in Step 4. I couldn't help myself because my skull was screaming diamond at me so I had to get ahead of myself.
3. Paint your skull face black and let dry. 4. Now it's time for your creative side to come out. Doodle scrolls and curly lines in pencil to enhance your skull's face, I even added words. Oh yes and don't forget the back. If you are in need of some inspiration there are numerous pics on the highly addicting website Pinterest. 5. Add color to your design with paint and a black marker for the more intricate details. Your sugar skull is now coming to life. Once again let it dry. I know, waiting is the worst part of the project for me too.
6. Seal your work with a polycrylic sealer. Do not use a polyurethane sealer it will turn the white paint yellow as I learned from some previous projects. You can also use Mod Podge to seal it like I did.  7. Pot your plant, marigolds or seeds and enjoy your sugar skull planter. These beauties would also make great gifts.

Hope you are inspired to make these and remember it's not illegal to kill a plant so take a stab at your greenthumb and grow a garden in a stylish little sugar skull planter. Sincerely, Rozy
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