November 14, 2011

Too many things and not enough Storage

Do you ever feel like you have too many things but not enough room, especially if you are living in an apartment like me. Well all you need is an afternoon to get organized and your very own storage boxes.

This was one of my favorite projects because it took less than an hour for each storage box and cost me practically nothing. What you'll need is: some boxes {I used diaper boxes}, your fabric of choice, scizzors and hot glue galore. I went with diaper boxes and striped fabrics {which are sheets} because I can't get enough of them and these storage boxes happen to be for the kids room.

No. 1 Place your box onto your fabric and measure enough fabric to cover each side of your box. I also allowed an additional 2 inches of fabric on each side of the box to fold over the top of the box. The striped fabric I used happened to be a giant help since I used the lines as a guide when cutting. No. 2 Use that extra 2 inches by gluing your fabric first to the edge of the outer box. Then fold your fabric over the box and glue to the inside of the box. No. 3 Rotate your box and repeat Step 2 to the other side of your box. No. 4  Lay your box on its side and begin to cut the fabric leaving 2 inches of fabric from the edge of the box. No. 5 Rotate the box and begin to cut the bottom of the fabric, again leaving 2 inches of fabric to the box later. Be sure to save the scrap fabric because you will also be using that later. No. 6 Glue the fabric onto the box as pictured. Repeat with all four sides of the box.

No. 7 Now it's time for those handles. Cut the outside of the fabric as pictured. No. 8 Glue the fabric to the inside of the box. No. 9 The outside should look like this. Don't worry about the inside we'll get to that. No. 10 On to the inside of the box. Take your scrap fabric and make sure it fits the width of the box with about an inch fold at the top. No. 11 Glue fabric to the inside of the box. Repeat with all sides.

No. 12 Back to the handles, cut the inside as done in Step 7. No. 13 Apply glue to the inside and edge of the handle. No. 14 Let glue cool and cut excess fabric off. No. 15 Your box should now look a little something like this. No. 16 Last step is to glue the inside of the box with fabric.

Voila your box is now complete and you can now store away your things in a stylish way and just in time for the upcoming holidays. Love and organization, Rozy

November 2, 2011

diy Fall Fabric Wreath

Fall never officially seems to be here until after Halloween. But then again it could just be me, since I live in Arizona and the weather seems to get colder then. With the cool breeze in my hair, the end of Halloween, and the falling leaves surrounding me I was inspired to create this diy Fall fabric wreath.
To create this Fall inspired wreath you need an embroidery hoop or wire hanger shaped into a circle and a lot of fabric pieces.
Start by cutting your fabric into 7 inch long pieces. Then begin tying one fabric scrap at time in a simple knot onto your embroidery hoop. Continue tying the fabric until wreath is to your desired fullness. Once completed tie a piece of scrap fabric onto the embroidery hoop fastener and hang on your wall or door. Now your Fall season just got a little more stylish as did my front door. Love and fabric, Rozy

October 31, 2011

Mustache Monday: Halloween Edition

What a day, Mustache Monday and Halloween. So in light of my two favorite combinations, here are my top seven mustache costume ideas.
First up is my ultimate favorite and up and coming future costume... the Bearded Lady. When I think of the Bearded Lady I think of a boudoir beauty with a beard, but in case the mustache and beard may scare you then you can buy the featured Bearded Lady Doll at Etsy.
2. The rugged Lumberjack or Lumberjill, if you may, costume. The greatest part of this costume is you may already have all the essentials on hand. Oh yes just don't forget your trusty axe to cut down all that lumber just like the costume featured on Oh Happy Day.
3. The Swashbuckling Pirate costume me hearties. This particular costume brings a smile to my face and a beat to my heart, especially because the pirate featured is my niece. I love how she proves that not only boys can be pirates.
4. This costume may land you a speeding ticket for trying to get away from all the girls that will be chasing you down the street due to it. But then again your a detective so you can get out it. The Beastie Boys pretty much nailed the costume on their Sabotage album and yes it was because the stache.
5. I think all little boys should sport mustaches especially if they plan on being the Super Mario Bros for Halloween. Plus all you need is some overalls, a baseball cap, colored t-shirt and a little creativity like the mother of these two adorable boys had over at Instructables.
6. The tough cowboy circa Pancho Villa era is the man's man costume that even little boys look great in.
7. Drum Roll Please... A Mustache!!! I think thes Mustache Sisters did justice to the Mustache Costume from head to toe.

I mustache leave you but I hate to comb. Love and curls, Rozy 

October 28, 2011

I heart you: diy Kids Costumes

I forgot how fun and cute Halloween could be, especially if you have kids. Not only do you get to share in their endless wealth of candy but you also get to have some good ole fashion Halloween fun with homemade costumes. You guessed it, things I heart today are diy Halloween costumes so put on your creative hat and be prepared to be inspired this Halloween with these seven darling costumes and I'll get back to work on altering a Princess Leia costume for my stepdaughter so she can match her brother's store bought Darth Vader costume.

No. 1: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. I always had an obsession with "Red" and that's why she is first on the list. So I can only imagine this costume will be used in the future. It's simple and yet so adorable.No. 2: I'm not Chicken. If only chicken were this cute I would feel bad eating them, sorry PETA. Both costumes are from Martha Stewart.

No. 3: Cupcakes and Cotton Candy.  Talk about a sweet tooth and what can be better than having your little girl literally be Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. Both sweet treat costumes are featured on The Daily Green. No. 4: The Rag Doll. What a doll, this Rag Doll costume is from A Beautiful Mind and it's one I know my mother wish she could of shared with me especially since she is l-o-v-e with Raggedy Anne and Andy.

No. 5: Owl. This owl Costume from Alpha Mom is one to hoot over. No. 6: Max. I never thought Where The Wild Things Are could be this cute until I saw this costume by The Radical Thread Co. on Etsy.

No. 7: Star Wars. Lastly would be some Star Wars costumes in honor of the stepkids costumes this year. This Luke Skywaler, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader costume via Alpha Mom and Craftster are out of this galaxy.

Hope your head is filled with ideas and you have a happy and safe Halloween. With love, Rozy

October 26, 2011

I've been framed

Do you have a couple of hours to spare? If so, then why not create a statement piece with supplies you already have in your home. I revamped a couple of frames I bought for my first apartment to give life to my plain rented beige walls in the living room. You could easily use this idea for non hanging frames, table numbers for those special events, or even to give that mirror an extra sprucing. Just remember to think out of the box, you never know what you can conjure up.

"Some people like my advice so much they frame it upon the wall instead of using it."  Gordon R. Dickson
First, gather your supplies. I used plain frames, wallpaper scraps, a flower pattern, toilet paper rolls, and double sided sticky tape. If you don't have wallpaper scraps on hand then why not substitute them with gift wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, or even fabric. Oh yes and I got my peony flower template from none other than Martha Stewart. You could take a look at all her flower templates here.

And voila, that once boring wall is now a statement piece. Have fun making your own wall art and be sure to flash me with it when it's complete. With love, Rozy

October 24, 2011

Mustache Monday: Coin Purses and Wallets Edition

Don't you hate the feeling when you comb through the entire house for your wallet and come up empty handed only to realize you left it in the trunk. Well maybe it isn't you but the wallet. So here are ten mighty mustaches wallets and coin purses that I know can never get lost or misplaced.
First up is this mighty stache at Fred Flare. I saw it and thought what better way to keep your coins, business cards, buttons, and random things than in a neatly combed mustache. Plus it's from loungefly and who doesn't love them.

2-3. Even Hello Kitty 's mustaches and these two purrfect items are available at Ami Clubwear.

4. I just had to add in a purse. I love the simplicity of this vintage bag and bright yellow silkscreen handlebar mustache from Stuff You'll Love on Esty.

5-6. Oh Toddland thanks for rocking the mustache and not forgetting the men especially since they are the ones who grow mustaches. These stylish wallets can be found at Newbury-Comics on Amazon and Fredflare.

7. Good thing there are such stylish things as clutches featuring the Dali Mustache because this one from Creations by Ingrid on Esty clutches my heart.

8-9. And then there was the Mexican Mustache, literally. Food never looked so cute. You can order yours at Kaboodle and Catalicious Creations on Etsy.

10. And lastly this swanky mustache wallet from thatsrad that has it all from handlebars to the toothbrush. Talk about love.

Happy staching and keep it neat and trimmed. With love, Rozy
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