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Hello there  I'm Rozy, a thirty something year old designer with the ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom. Welcome to Sincerely Rozy, a lifestyle blog filled with the beautification of life and all the inspirations, DIYs, home decor challenges, magical parties, and unexpected treasures that come with it. I blog often, so here is a rundown of what to expect:
A few of my favorite things to write out loud are ways to decorate an apartment rental, DIY projects I have or have not finished, things I absolutely love and can't live without, events I wish I could or did plan, the luxury of creating handmade things, and ways to simplify your life a little more. As for consistancy, here is some features to expect:
Nothing beats the magicalness of making or receiving something handmade, especially for the holidays. So every month I will feature exactly that and if you have any requests be sure to contact me and together we can make the holidays even more special.
Furniture, fashion, and food I heart you all but I can't always afford you on the other hand it is free to look at you. So every Friday I will feature 13 lucky things I heart and simply can't live without.
I never knew Disney had such an impact on my life, I say this because Cinderella was what inspired me to become a seamtress. The mice made it look so easy. Unfortunately my dreams didn't come true and I got B in sewing class even though I never finished my dinosaur print blazer. Who knows maybe it was because I was the teachers aide. But that is besides the point. I regained my sewing confidence, bought a new, yet old, sewing machine and I am re-threading my needle once again. I will feature my progress along the way and the beautiful and not so beautiful things I attempt to create.
Since I am a sucker for hair dye, I will blog monthly on hair color, the necessary treatments, trends and the deciding battle on whether cosmotology school is a good idea for me. By the way did I mention I am addicted to learning everything possible.

So that is Sincerely, Rozy in a nutshell so grab a cup of joe and stay a while. With love, Rozy
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