May 16, 2014

I'm still here

It's been quite a year for me and it is only mid May. I've been on hiatus from the internet and all social media networking because I moved back to California in February. It was a sad break up with Arizona, but it may only be temporary (that is unless my husband or I get a dream job). Until then here are the top five things I miss about Arizona summers:

The Pool. In the last decade of my life I have lived with a pool and no not because I am rich, but because all apartments have them. So to live the summer without one is truly a tragedy. Long gone are the days of floating in the pool while listening to my iTunes, swimming to the edge of the pool to take a sip of beer, sunbathing with a beloved book, just because night swims, workout cool downs, and after work foot soaks.

99¢ Draft Beers. Yes, it is true Arizona still has Happy Hour or as most in the San Fernando Valley now call it "Bartender's Special." I use to think living in a college state didn't have it's perks that is until I went to my first bar (right across the street from my former apartment) and discovered that alcohol is really cheap in Arizona. The best deal in town was at a pizza joint, which also happened to be right across the street from my former apartment, with all the 99¢ draft beers you could drink and free pizza you could eat from 3pm - 6pm. It was a bar i held dear in my heart and miss every time I buy a $3 "Bartender's Special" draft beer.

Central Air Conditioning. I know, it's 2014 and everywhere has central air conditioning not only Arizona. But the fact of the matter is if you're an average Mexican-American then the home you own may not be equipped with it. In my case, my mother's house falls under that category. So whoever invented window coolers you are my new hero, sorry Spiderman.

The Library. How could I miss a building? Well simple. The libraries in Arizona were nothing compared to the ones in the San Fernando Valley. You could literally spend the whole day there with your family. There was free WiFi without a library card sign in, free use of computers for both the kids and adults, a real kids area accompanied with several play areas, and stages for both live kids (puppets shows, magic shows, movies, and diy crafts) and adults entertainment (live bands, movies, poetry readings, and special guests). It made me want to become a librarian.

Free Water. In Arizona it is illegal to deny anyone water. So you can walk in anywhere and ask for a cup of water even if you aren't a customer. In fact, the staff at our old apartment would even provide us with free water tokens to fill up a gallon of water. Life of luxury I tell you.

Keep cool and if you know of any good Happy Hours, let me know. Sincerely, Rozy 

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  1. This is too funny, saying you miss AZ! LOL! You intentionally left your husband and his kids behind because you are truly the evil step mother. Don't lie, sissy poo, you are mommy baby and can't handle the real world. Hell sis, you even refused to get a job because you have to be waited on hand and foot. You crack me up, you don't even miss AZ!! LOLOLOL


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