April 20, 2012

I heart you: Flats

Last weekend I was in Las Vegas for an Elton John concert, which was amazing, and I came back with sore feet. Maybe it was from all the walking and dancing or maybe it was from my heels. Either way, it got me thinking why do we wear heels if they are so painful? I know, one word... FASHION but who says flats can't be as stylish as heels. So this week's I heart you is dedicated to the comfortable yet glamorous flat.

{Fashionable Flats above: 1. The Slingback - Stripes, Bows, Landlubbers 2. Oxfords - Lace, Stripes, Crochet 3. Animal Print - Cheetah, Leopard 4. Floral Print Flats 5.  Moccasins 6. Docks - Leather and Leopard, Hearts and Stripes 7. Peep toes - Anchored Bows, Lacey Skulls, Sequined Sugar Skulls, 8. Ballet Flats - Jewel Encrusted Bows, Anchors 9. Menswear Inspired  10. Spiked Flats 11. Patent Leather 12. Polka Dotted Unisex Flats 13. Ankle Strap - Faux Suede, Fushcia, Floral.}

Now you can go forth with your glamorous self and live comfortable and fashionable in flats. Sincerely, Rozy

April 9, 2012

Buns without the Oven: Wall Art

I absolutely love this print for my stepdaughter's room but before I shell out $18 {which is reasonably priced} I thought hey maybe I can create my own version of this.

No. 1 Gather your supplies: picture frame, paint chips, craft paint, ModPodge or double sided tape, scissors, and a foam brush. I used an 11 x 17 inch size picture frame for this project. No. 2 Paint the picture frame backing. I used white craft paint and once it was dried I topped it off with some ModPodge for a glossy finish.
No. 3 Choose what color paint chips you will use starting with the first color. No. 4 Print and cut out saying in font of choice and tape face down onto paint chip. I used the Pupcat style font available at 1001 Free Fonts.
No. 5 Repeat Step 4 until all your letters are cut out. No. 6 Arrange your letters onto painted frame backing and ModPodge on. Once dry place art in frame, hang, and enjoy.

Since this project was fun and I shelled out zero dollars to create it, I made another one for my stepson. The wall art adds the much needed personality and color to their shared bedroom. Now I just have to avoid the paint section of Walmart since I overindulged in their free paint chip samples.

Get creative and appreciate art. Sincerely, Rozy

April 5, 2012

Handmade Holidays: Easter Baskets Part 2

The basket fiasco all started with the Monster High inspired one I created and in case you missed it, you can read it here. These baskets have took on a life of their own and I am surprise at how awesome they have turned out. Here are the other eight I created:

No. 1: Twilight. I know any vampire will sink their teeth into this Twilight inspired basket equipped with fangs and a drop of blood. This basket features black and white polka dot fabric on the inside and red, black, and white felt on the outside and topped with a polka dotted ribbon handle.

No. 2: Legos. Talk about a block head. This basket features yellow and white houndstooth print fabic on the inside and soft black and yellow felt on the outside. My favorite part of this basket is the lid that slids up and down for easy access.

No. 3: Crowns. Any girl would feel like a princess with these jewel encrusted crown baskets. The pink crown features a pink floral fleece print on the inside and a pink and green polka dot print on the outside. The blue crown features yellow felt on the outside and a blue floral print on the outside. I absolutely love the rhinestones and chipboard initials on the crowns.

No. 4: Robots. No manual is required for these lovebots. Both robots feature a blue polka dot print and a blue striped print linen. Their antennas are made of shiny silver paper and red felt hearts. I know anybot would bolt over these baskets.

No. 5: El Gato. Get your paws off my kitty or rather my stepdaughter's. She love animals especially cats so instead of buying her one she can pet this leopard print kitty all day. The inside of this basket has a pink and black polka dot print which I believe goes perfect with the faux leopard print fur on the outside.

No. 6: The Amazing Spiderman. I bet the Easter bunny was pleased when he put his eggs in this basket knowing he has a super hero on his side. This basket is equipped with red, white and blue felt and web slinging action. It's a good thing too because my spider sense was tingling.

I can't believe I finished them all in time. Have a happy Easter and if you need any tips feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Rozy

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