June 4, 2012

Designing it Monday: Framed Art

I absoultely love frames and I am currently crushing over circular ones. The bad side of the crush is I have a tendency to buy and hang them empty. As I start to catch up on some Spring cleaning, I found an old bridal magazine I bought when my cousin was planning her wedding. So naturally, instead of cleaning, I flipped though the magazine and came across a certain picture that inspired me to create.

This project takes a little careful cutting but practically no money to make and the best part is our frames will no longer be empty.

Let's Create:

Step 1. Find a image of someone holding something. It can be from a magazine, a photograph, or even one printed out. Once you have your image, cut it out to fit the shape of your frame. Step 2. Carefully cut out the hands of your image with an exacto knife.

Step 3. Use a card, 3x5 picture, or whatever else you can think of and place it under the hands of your image, I used a LoterĂ­a card. Once positioned add tape to the back to secure it. Step 4. Frame and hang it.

This project would also be great for picture frames in a boutique or even as a gift. Hope you are inspired enough to create your own. Sincerely, Rozy
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