January 5, 2013

2013 Unresolutions

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Arizona has made me a sentimental person, but it has also made me lost. When I moved here, I had the chance to not only reinvent myself, but also my life. Sadly two years later, I have not taken advantage of this. With the new year upon us, I am barely realizing this as it is a time to reflect on the past year, be grateful for all the good things, and learn from the bad ones. So here's to a new year filled with uncertainty, ups and downs, and making it what you what it to be.

In case you are into resolutions, remember they are mean't to be broken, so here are some unresolutions to try in two thousand lucky 13:

1) Indulge a little. It is so simple to get caught up in the day-to-day insanity of life and even easier to let it all bother you. So why not stop sweating the small stuff, relax a little, and indulge in some positivity.

Easier said then done huh? I know this is especially true for me as I tend to be a little of a control freak. So instead of rushing to do everything, like comb Searra's hair I should let her father vask in some father-daughter time, or focusing on the negative things I should be grateful for all the positive ones. So go forth and indulge in some positivity and don't be afraid to share some with others.
2) Cancel that gym membership. I've never been one for gym, but that doesn't mean I like being unhealthy and unfit. It just means I don't want to prance around a gym or feel ackward working out next to a super fit person or worse being gawked at by one.

So instead of the gym why not try other activities to keep you fit like going for a walk or hike with your significant other, running around with the kids, or working out at home. I know there are many distractions when you workout at home but once you start, even if it is a slow start, you will feel more determined and focused to work at your own pace. After all, "success isn't the opposite of failure. A runner may come in last, but if he beats his record, he succeeds" - Anonymous. Plus with social media sites like Facebook or Pinterest you will have a ton of support to help you along the way and some extra dough in your pockets for perhaps a new wardrobe.

3) Spend less time with your {step} kids. Since Mr. Martinez and I stopped going to the monthly PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) meetings, it seems we, or rather I, stopped volunteering at the school all together. I am not saying I want to become one of those Martha Stewart moms, but I do want to show my support to the school other than flashing school supplies and money in their faces.

So why not take some time away from the kids and volunteer for something you support like education for instance. Plus your kids will get excited to see you helping out at their school and not to mention engage them to be more involved in school.

4) Cheat on your television. Yes I said cheat. We are all guilty of indulging in front of the television and calling it quality family time. I just think it's time we set our eye on something more tasteful like a book.

The library and I use to best of friends and we use to visit each other at least once a week that is until I met cable in October. I even went out and bought a new 42" television to watch it from. I miss the days when I use to choose whatever book I wanted to read instead of settling on watching shows like SpongeBob or boxing.

5) Drink More. I am not in any way implying for you to become an alcoholic, but rather for you to get out more and see what your community and city has to offer. And sure you can do this without alcohol, but when there are so many local breweries, especially in Arizona, why would you not take advantage of them. I was sold on events like Birds and Beer and PBR Bowling.

Hope you all have a happy New Year's and break some resolutions. Sincerely, Rozy
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