May 26, 2014

Designing it Moday: Teacher's Rule Planter

I think we don't show enough appreciation for Teachers especially since they are a big part of shaping our children's future. Plus they are the most devoted and patient people I know, well at least in Arizona they were. So with school coming to an end, I thought why not design a gift from the heart for your child's Teacher.

First gather your supplies: clay pot; black, yellow, and white acrylic paint; one fine tip sharpie marker in black; measuring tape; a white crayon or colored pencil; ModPodge and some lovely flowers.

Let's Create:

Step 1. Paint the base of your clay pot black and the lip of it yellow. I used a foam paint brush to paint mine. You can even get creative and use your child's teacher's favorite colors instead of the traditional black and yellow school colors. Remember creativity is your best friend.

Step 2. Grab your measuring tape and wrap it around the bottom lip of your clay pot (as shown) and secure with tape. Step 3. Next you will need that fine tip sharpie marker or you can be brave and hand paint it. I used the marker so I can careful draw on all the lines just like a real ruler.

Step 4. For the next step you can use paint or a crayon. I found it easier to freehand the writing in crayon and then touch it up with paint. Voila you have the perfect chalkboard font. Step 5. Now you just need to find and plant that perfect plant for your child's teacher. I used ones I found from my local Home Depot.

This project would also be great as a gift for graduation or for your child's last/first day of school. Hope you are inspired enough to create your own. Sincerely, Rozy 

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