October 28, 2011

I heart you: diy Kids Costumes

I forgot how fun and cute Halloween could be, especially if you have kids. Not only do you get to share in their endless wealth of candy but you also get to have some good ole fashion Halloween fun with homemade costumes. You guessed it, things I heart today are diy Halloween costumes so put on your creative hat and be prepared to be inspired this Halloween with these seven darling costumes and I'll get back to work on altering a Princess Leia costume for my stepdaughter so she can match her brother's store bought Darth Vader costume.

No. 1: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. I always had an obsession with "Red" and that's why she is first on the list. So I can only imagine this costume will be used in the future. It's simple and yet so adorable.No. 2: I'm not Chicken. If only chicken were this cute I would feel bad eating them, sorry PETA. Both costumes are from Martha Stewart.

No. 3: Cupcakes and Cotton Candy.  Talk about a sweet tooth and what can be better than having your little girl literally be Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. Both sweet treat costumes are featured on The Daily Green. No. 4: The Rag Doll. What a doll, this Rag Doll costume is from A Beautiful Mind and it's one I know my mother wish she could of shared with me especially since she is l-o-v-e with Raggedy Anne and Andy.

No. 5: Owl. This owl Costume from Alpha Mom is one to hoot over. No. 6: Max. I never thought Where The Wild Things Are could be this cute until I saw this costume by The Radical Thread Co. on Etsy.

No. 7: Star Wars. Lastly would be some Star Wars costumes in honor of the stepkids costumes this year. This Luke Skywaler, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader costume via Alpha Mom and Craftster are out of this galaxy.

Hope your head is filled with ideas and you have a happy and safe Halloween. With love, Rozy

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