April 20, 2012

I heart you: Flats

Last weekend I was in Las Vegas for an Elton John concert, which was amazing, and I came back with sore feet. Maybe it was from all the walking and dancing or maybe it was from my heels. Either way, it got me thinking why do we wear heels if they are so painful? I know, one word... FASHION but who says flats can't be as stylish as heels. So this week's I heart you is dedicated to the comfortable yet glamorous flat.

{Fashionable Flats above: 1. The Slingback - Stripes, Bows, Landlubbers 2. Oxfords - Lace, Stripes, Crochet 3. Animal Print - Cheetah, Leopard 4. Floral Print Flats 5.  Moccasins 6. Docks - Leather and Leopard, Hearts and Stripes 7. Peep toes - Anchored Bows, Lacey Skulls, Sequined Sugar Skulls, 8. Ballet Flats - Jewel Encrusted Bows, Anchors 9. Menswear Inspired  10. Spiked Flats 11. Patent Leather 12. Polka Dotted Unisex Flats 13. Ankle Strap - Faux Suede, Fushcia, Floral.}

Now you can go forth with your glamorous self and live comfortable and fashionable in flats. Sincerely, Rozy

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