March 20, 2012

I heart you: Spring Edition

I love Spring even though Autumn is my favorite season. Maybe it's because Spring means blooming flowers, chirping birds, picnics in the park, dresses with sandals, vacation planning, sweet drinks, and adorable new fashions. So in applause to the new change of weather and the first day of Spring here are 13 blossoming things i heart about spring.

No. 1: Blooming Flowers. If I can't spend my Spring days outside in a field of flowers because of rain, allergies, or whatever other excuse than I would rather spend my day planted in one of these chairs from Anthropologie sipping on a strawberry basil mojito.

No. 2: Fresh Colors. If I had to run a mile for spring training I would have no problem walking it in these fabulous shoes 1-2-3-4-5.

No. 3: Chirping Birds. Nothing makes me smile like hearing a bird sing and imagining they are out there helping damsels like Snow White. I smile more when the damsel in distress is me and the birds fly to my side to screw in light bulbs to unreachable lamps and sew glamourous flocks.

No. 4: Rainy Days. Rain, rain go away but if you must come I am ready with this stylish coat and boots.

No. 5: Picnics in the Park. Besides the fresh air spring picnics are the best because I get to walk the dog and wear gingham.

No. 6: The Warm Sun. While the sun feels warm on your skin it's sensitive to your eyes so protect those peepers and with some floral or tortoise shades.

No. 7: Dresses with Sandals. Long or short these dresses from Betsey Johnson scream spring.

No. 8: Bright Lips. My hat is always off to M.A.C. and once again they did it with their new Chenman Lipstick which has spring written all over it.

No. 9: Vacation Planning. How could you plan a spring vacation without your trusty travel bag and hat?

No. 10: Searching for Rabbits. The best thing about living in Arizona is seeing an occasional jack rabbit hop across the desert terrain. If your missing out on the jack rabbits you can also spot them hopping along on greeting cards, wallpaper, coin purses, or clutches.

No. 11: Sweet Drinks. Nothing makes a better spring cocktail than one filled with fresh lavender and basil. Umm Mr. Bartender, I'll take two.

No. 12: Planting a Garden. First you add water with this trusty watering can then you watch it grow in your dinosaur toy planter. Isn't gardening easy?

No. 13: Adorable New Fashions. Lastly, I am truly in love this neon heart purse and can't wait to see everything else new for spring.

Happy Spring everyone. With love, Rozy

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