March 12, 2012

I heart you: Fanny Packs

I've been going on some hiking trails in the glorious state of Arizona and I wondered is it considered lame if I rock a fanny pack when I hike? While I was looking them up I found out the March 12th is International Fanny Pack Day, who would of thought fanny packs had their own day. So while I find "the one" here are some fancy fanny packs i heart
one ♥ Prints and studs are such a wonderful combo and if you are going to wear a fanny pack you might as well wear these ones by JoyRich.
two With ruffles as adorable as these why not flaunt them on a fanny pack or waist purse as Kinies calls it.

three I truly heart this fanny pack and all its do-it-yourself beauty, so thank you I SPY DIY for this lovely idea and inspiration.
four Of course Sanrio would design a Hello Kitty fanny pack but I think this one is more suitable for my three year old stepdaughter than myself.
five Absolutely love this Harajuku Lovers fanny pack.
six Patricia Field you are simpy dazzling and so is your fanny{packs}.
seven For all you glamourous divas and people who think fanny packs aren't stylish, well your wrong because these beauties from Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel stole my heart.

Hope you all have a happy fanny pack day and sport one today. With love, Rozy

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