March 22, 2012

Hairy Tales: Red Hair

I absolutely love my red hair and I hate to see it go but like the weather it's time for a change. So as I awe over all you glamorous red haired ladies I pass in the street or see on the web here are a thirteen lucky tips and tricks to keeping your locks vibrant.

No. 1: Be sure. Let's face it, coloring your hair red is a big commitment. It is the hardest color to keep in your hair and tends to fade quickly {even as fast as a week}. So be prepared to go beyond your regular hair beauty routines.

No. 2: Always apply hair color to clean hair. Yes, I know about the old wives tale that dirty hair takes on hair color better but it's not true. When times were simplier chemicals were not so the build-up of natural hair oils actually helped protect the hair. I suggest wash your hair the night before you intend to color it.

No. 3: Choose the Right Color. Research which shade of red goes with your skin tone. I opted for a brighter more unnatural red and turned to the lovely internet for advice.  I found an amazing tutorial by Red Lips Adicted Makeup on YouTube but, unfortunately, the video was deleted. Good thing memory serves me well because here is what you'll need :

Follow the directions on the L'Oreal Excellence HiColor box for amount of developer to add. Once they are both combined and well mixed add half of the Manic Panic Color Cream to the hair dye and mix again. You will then have a jaw dropping red color to color your hair with. If you need a more thorough tutorial there are plenty on YouTube. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

No. 4: Rinse with COLD Water. I know we all enjoy a steamy shower but rinsing with cold water closes the hair cuticles and seals the color.

No. 5: Don't wash for 24 hours. Do not, I repeat do not, wash your hair for at least 24 hours, ideally 48, after coloring. Why? Well because the detergents in shampoo strip out color and since red is the largest hair color molecule it tends to fade faster.

No. 6: Use color-enhancing shampoos and conditioners. You spend a lot of money on your hair color so don't let it literally go down the drain. I used John Frieda Radiant Red and I can't say I had any complaints although, it isn't sulfate free.

No. 7: Don't wash everyday. Yes, I know your thinking gross but you can still shower just wear a shower cap and if you have oily hair, like me, apply baby powder to your roots to absorb the oil and leave your hair feeling clean. You can also buy dry shampoo at your local Target like I did.

No. 8: Protect while Styling. Always use a heat protector product when blow drying or using heat tools on your hair especially if it is colored since your hair tends to be more dry and damage prone.

No. 9: Get a Clear Gloss one week later. You can buy a box of clear shine gloss at any drugstore or get a clear or red cellophane gloss treament at the salon. Either way, your color will be sealed and your hair will have amazing shine.

No. 10: Avoid sun exposure. Living in Arizona this may seem impossible, but nothing is impossible. So wear a hat or UV protection on your hair while your in the sun to prevent fading.

No. 11: Manicure your eyebrows. Besides the fading and constant coloring, the only other thing that drove me crazy was my very black eyebrows with red hair. So I made sure they were perfectly shaped and no unwanted hair was in sight. For that extra glam look grab a red lipliner and color away.

No. 12: Play up those lips. The most fantastic thing about being a fiery redhead is your lips look absolutely gorgeous in color especially my favorite bright pink. Also don't be afraid to use red lipstick when you have red hair they go faboulous together.

No. 13: Be Confident. Lastly, being a redhead takes confidence so be prepared to smile and wave like Miss America. Well, you may not receive that much attention but you will be noticed and commented on so enjoy it while it last.

Please note: I am not a hair expert by all means nor are these tips meant to be the last testiment to dyed red hair care, but rather a few tips and tricks I have learned since I went red in April of 2011.

Enjoy your ravishing red hair but be forewarned being a redhead is a serious hair commitment. With love, Rozy 

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