March 27, 2012

Handmade Holidays: Easter Baskets Part 1

Truth be told baskets kind of creep me out and I am not talking about the super cute storage baskets but the round gawdy ones you get for easter. So this easter I opted to create my own baskets.

So the challenge was to create nine uniquely awesome baskets in 2 weeks. I spent the first night brain storming and obsessively browsing Pinterest and then it just hit me like a confetti egg to the head.


Two words: Monster High™. Monster what, you say. Well it's a line of barbie dolls that Mattel has come out with in 2010 that encourages everyone to “Be yourself, be unique, be a monster.™” However, since the dolls are so spectacularly elaborate I opted to do the Monster High™ logo skull instead.

I know you are all wondering how I whipped up this concoction. Well, the basket is made from cardboard and then covered in fabric and paper. It is all glued together rather than sewed since I only had 2 weeks to complete them all. The best part of this basket is it can be used after Easter like say for storing her dolls.

As for my design skills, first I simply drew the skull onto some clean durable cardboard and then cut it out. I then traced the silhouette onto another piece of clean durable cardboard and again cut it out. You should now have two pieces of the skull silhouette.

Next, I cut out a 5 1/2 inch wide strip of cardboard and begin taping both sides to the strip. For extra durability tape the inside of the basket too.

Once completed you should end up with something like this:

Then I began to glue the inside of the basket with fabric. For the skull logo, I traced the outline onto some white cardstock. I then painted the edge of the skull with some black acrylic paint to make it appear more like the logo. As for those eyes, I also painted them black, however, I should of used black cardstock since I grew impatient waiting for the last eye to dry and I smeared some of the black paint.

The bow is made from pink glitter scrapbook paper. Lastly, I glued and sealed the entire image on with ModPodge Gloss. I hole punched the sides, added ribbon handles, filled it with Easter goodies and voila a Monster High basket was born.

My favorite part of this basket is it can be used after Easter like say for storing her dolls. Next on the agenda is a Twilight inspired basket. Have fun and continue creating. Sincerely, Rozy


  1. amazing !! love this design !! have com across this as i have monster high birthday cake to do.


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