November 14, 2011

Too many things and not enough Storage

Do you ever feel like you have too many things but not enough room, especially if you are living in an apartment like me. Well all you need is an afternoon to get organized and your very own storage boxes.

This was one of my favorite projects because it took less than an hour for each storage box and cost me practically nothing. What you'll need is: some boxes {I used diaper boxes}, your fabric of choice, scizzors and hot glue galore. I went with diaper boxes and striped fabrics {which are sheets} because I can't get enough of them and these storage boxes happen to be for the kids room.

No. 1 Place your box onto your fabric and measure enough fabric to cover each side of your box. I also allowed an additional 2 inches of fabric on each side of the box to fold over the top of the box. The striped fabric I used happened to be a giant help since I used the lines as a guide when cutting. No. 2 Use that extra 2 inches by gluing your fabric first to the edge of the outer box. Then fold your fabric over the box and glue to the inside of the box. No. 3 Rotate your box and repeat Step 2 to the other side of your box. No. 4  Lay your box on its side and begin to cut the fabric leaving 2 inches of fabric from the edge of the box. No. 5 Rotate the box and begin to cut the bottom of the fabric, again leaving 2 inches of fabric to the box later. Be sure to save the scrap fabric because you will also be using that later. No. 6 Glue the fabric onto the box as pictured. Repeat with all four sides of the box.

No. 7 Now it's time for those handles. Cut the outside of the fabric as pictured. No. 8 Glue the fabric to the inside of the box. No. 9 The outside should look like this. Don't worry about the inside we'll get to that. No. 10 On to the inside of the box. Take your scrap fabric and make sure it fits the width of the box with about an inch fold at the top. No. 11 Glue fabric to the inside of the box. Repeat with all sides.

No. 12 Back to the handles, cut the inside as done in Step 7. No. 13 Apply glue to the inside and edge of the handle. No. 14 Let glue cool and cut excess fabric off. No. 15 Your box should now look a little something like this. No. 16 Last step is to glue the inside of the box with fabric.

Voila your box is now complete and you can now store away your things in a stylish way and just in time for the upcoming holidays. Love and organization, Rozy

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